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Vision of Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd

Having been through a destitute and hardship childhood and resolute youth in fighting against destitution, Mr. PRUM Sakun has established a special job opportunity in the company.

The company agrees to recruit any volunteer who have poor livelihood and clear determination to directly acquire knowledge and skills, but have no experience to be trained within appropriate opportunity until he/she becomes skillful and can work as staff member of the company. For further information, please visit our webpage on “Job Opportunity” in this website.

For commercial sector, some parts are similar to the vision of Siem Reap City Land Co., Ltd. The thing is that Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd has established more development zones on the exiting land with full right for development located in Battambang Provincial Town, Battambang Province. In addition, the specialized products of the company include paints imported from Spain, printing services related to tourism, large scale of pure drinking water handicraft and international tourism.

Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd has defined itself as a leading innovator in commercial and business sector since the company’s owner has never had the experience of “running out of ideas” or “baffling” in innovation. Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd has formed a strong foundation in all business projects through several achievements in which Mr. PRUM Sakun has played important roles in providing consultation on innovation and guiding ways towards real success over the years for both national and international investors, which is totally different from other business people who prefers to copy the innovative ideas which are used to be successfully implemented.

The founder of Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd always keeps in mind an ideal concept in business that “Creating new needs towards the creation of new products in the new markets.” It can be regarded as a contribution even in a small amount in order to promote local work opportunities and is also a factor which accelerates the national economic growth in a proud and appropriate manner.

Again, on behalf of Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd, we, the core work group, would like to deeply thank to all new and old customers who provide us confidence since the start and heartedly thank to all readers who have thoroughly read our description in this page from the beginning to the end.

We would like to wish all readers and customers success in all work and life.

From our work group of Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd
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