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About Us

Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd is the name of our new company under the leadership of our founder, Mr.Prum Sakun, a businessman with more than a decade of experience in real estate development and housing construction.

In early 2008, Mr. PRUM Sakun had a vision to build this company offering affordable housing opportunities for Cambodians of all income levels. Up until this time he was a successful Tour Guide (where he spoke fluent Japanese) and tour bus owner. He retired from these careers to pursue his dream and today, Royal Avatar Development is successful because of this vision. As recent history has demonstrated, the real estate sector has accelerated in Siem Reap, leading to a housing and land price boom. Our company strategy helps even low income families move ahead with land and home ownership, despite the steep increases in housing costs. To make this happen, Mr. Prum closely studied the balance of consumer needs and available options for the new workers in our Province. Thousands of new residents are moving here every year from around Cambodia, taking jobs in hotels, restaurants, spas, souvenir shops, tour companies and even construction. Due to a housing shortage, many workers are forced to rent small houses and apartments, or share rooms, forced to pay extremely high rental fees. What was needed was affordable housing and land ownership. That is our mission at Royal Avatar Development, to provide a safe, clean, lovely home for all workers on land they personally own.

Mr.PRUM Sakun smartly envisioned a way to bring land buyers and sellers together. He observed that there were many sellers of land in the region and many buyers.

Yet most of the sellers hoped to sell only large parcels and most buyers could only afford small lots. Royal Avatar Development helps bridge this divide by purchasing large hectares of land and dividing these into smaller sections, affordable even to low income workers.

Within this context, Mr.PRUM Sakun made his original investment in a large piece of land in Siem Reap Province. His development strategy included digging canals, installing concrete culverts, setting up concrete electric light poles, paving high roads with red gravel, and drawing marking a boundary on each small plot in different sizes starting at 5m x 25m. An installment payment was set at an affordable price, allowing the purchasers to move onto their home site as soon as they had made their deposit. In reality, the deposit was less than the price of a motorbike in Siem Reap. In addition, the installment repayment period was lengthened to 48 months for all purchasers, with no interest.

Mr Prum follows a successful Chinese business strategy: “The key to a successful business is to look at the long term. Pursue only the smallest initial profit, but over a long-term you will find much wealth and success.” As a result of his small-scale approach to business, Mr.PRUM Sakun has become well-known both in Siem Reap and in other provinces, with demand for land parcels growing every day.

We can proudly say that during the recent real estate and economic crisis in Cambodia, the land development business founded by Mr.PRUM Sakun has continued to grow. Moreover, it has resulted in a golden opportunity for Royal Avatar to negotiate for the purchase of additional land at low prices, and thus increasing the number of small parcels available for sale.

For investors, our research shows that nearly all of our buyers make good on their purchase agreements. As soon as they have title to their land they immediately begin construction of their houses, thus ending the cycle of renting expensive and substandard housing. Our customers understand that their monthly amortization for land purchase is equal to or even lower than their monthly rental fees. For example, an average room rental fee is $60 US dollars per month, while our average installment payment is just $58 US dollars per month. And the rental fee is on-going with no equity, while our installment plan takes only 4 years resulting in legal of ownership upon final payment.

Mr.Sakun’s first real estate venture attracted not only the Cambodian’s but also customers from the USA, France, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Thai, Vietnam, and Malaysia. In 2009 he decided to launch a company with a focus only on real estate land sales. It is said that "Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” Mr.Sakun’s reputation grew quickly and a number of other companies soon formed to copy this successful strategy. He was the pioneer in land development and he welcomed the competition. In 2011, the company sold shares to other investors with a view to broaden the scope and investment opportunities in Siem Reap province. By 2013, Mr. Sakun was ready to start a land development business on his own. He raised the capital required to start his new venture; Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd.

The new company is a special sole proprietorship, owned and operated by Mr. PRUM Sakun.

Vision of Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd

Having struggled through a destitute and difficult childhood, Mr. PRUM Sakun has a special interest in helping young men and women in Siem Reap Province who were raised in poverty. He is committed to providing job and educational opportunities with his company to provide a solution for those without hope.

The company is committed to recruiting workers who have had a poor upbringing and who have clear determination to acquire knowledge and skills to find a suitable career. Even those lacking skills will find an open-door at Royal Avatar Development. Workers with little or no experience will be trained for appropriate opportunities within the company with a goal of becoming a skillful worker and staff member. For further information, please visit our webpage on “Job Opportunity” in this website.

Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd has defined itself as a leading innovator in commercial and business real estate sector. The company has formed a strong foundation in all business projects through several achievements in which Mr. PRUM Sakun has played important roles, providing consultation on innovation and guiding the company towards financial success, resulting in strong yields for both Cambodian and international investors. In this area we are proud to announce that we have recently established a new land, development zones in Battambang Province. Soon, customers near Battambang will be able to take advantage of the low-cost land purchase opportunities, currently made available to residents of Siem Reap.

The founder of Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd believes a successful business involves keeping, “An eye on investing in the development of new products for the marketplace.” Even small contributions which promote local work opportunities help accelerate the local, regional and national economic growth. Thus we are proud to announce that our company now represents paints imported from Spain, printing services related to travel and tourism, and pure drinking water company.

On behalf of Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd, we, the core working group, would like to deeply thank all new and old customers who have provided us from the start with the confidence to grow, and thank you to all our website visitors who have taken the time to read our about our company.

We would like to wish all readers and customers success in all work and life.

From our work group of Royal Avatar Development Co., Ltd

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